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Restaurant Cleaning



Restaurant Cleaning Services

South Florida restaurants are busy places. Employees are focused on customer satisfaction and they are busy providing superb food and the best customer service available. It is no secret that high quality and clean restaurant will bring in a lot of business but when employees are busy there is not much time    to focus on deep cleaning. This is where Pro Service Cleaning,LLC restaurant cleaning services come in. Our restaurant cleaning professionals will take care of all the hard work it takes to keep the restaurant in pristine condition, allowing you to increase employee productivity giving them the time to maintain their attention on keeping your restaurant customers happy. A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant with happy customers.




  What Does Pro Service Restaurant Cleaning Service Do?  

                                                                                       Pro Cleaning Service, LLC, will clean the exhaust fans on a regular basis. Exhaust fans can become clogged and will create fire hazards if they are not maintained properly. With our cleaning service, South Florida kitchen restaurants will be in tip-top shape, not only will our cleaners clean your exhaust fans, grills and stovetops but they will also pressure wash the floors as well as wipe down the whole kitchen, the restaurant's interior and exterior. They will mop and wax floors, empty grease traps, and sanitize bathrooms which can be arranged upon a regular restaurant cleaning schedule. We clean filters, wash range hoods, maintain carpets by vacuuming and scrubbing entranceway mats keeping them clean and stain free. We clean both exterior and interior windows, and provide special attention to problem areas when needed. These are only a few of the tasks done by Pro Service Cleaning but prior to hiring Pro Service Cleaning, LLC for regular visits, we recommend that business owners should research and compare our services and prices with others. We believe that we are the best value and most thorough cleaners that South Florida has to offer.


Benefits Of Pro Service Cleaning, LLC Restaurant Cleaning Services

We are a Deep Clean commercial cleaning company in South Florida that knows that they have to do much more than the just the basics in order to keep a restaurant clean. Hiring Pro Service Cleaning, LLC helps business owners not only achieve their cleanliness goals but also maintain their A-rating in light of the high health code standards which Florida is known for. We are experts at fixing and preventing health code violations. Pro Service Cleaning, LLC will also help restaurants be prepared for unexpected onsite insurance and fire inspections which are required by the state. Restaurant cleaning requires a lot of detailed work and scrubbing. We know that when your business is busy it can be very time-consuming and difficult for employees to get their staff to pay attention to the details and tedious tasks such as carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing the exterior, deep-cleaning kitchens, exhaust fans, hoods and grease traps.




We will take care of these things by setting up with you regularly scheduled restaurant cleaning visits, based on the needs of your business. Using a restaurant cleaning service saves time and money for business owners. By hiring professionals who have the right skills and motivation, we combine our equipment with your own and are trained in how to use products and equipment properly. By hiring us, business owners do not have to take the extra time to train employees on how to clean and perform deep-clean maintenance. Pro Service Cleaning, LLC, professionals follow a custom restaurant cleaning schedule that you decide, so that you do not have to interrupt the excellent service that your employees give to your customers.